Partner Program


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Partner Program-Contract TechMR


TechMR Partner Program is for agencies that want to grow their businesses by providing exceptional inbound marketing and sales services to their clients.



Earning through the medium partner program.

Partner Program

A partner program is a business strategy vendors(who create the product) use to encourage channel partners to recommend or sell the vendor's products and associated services

TechMR is a great platform for Partner . Some are listed below

  • Access (to knowledge): Mitigating risk and reducing potential mistakes by greater understanding of the operational context
  • Access (to people): Drawing on a wider pool of technical expertise, experience, skills, labour and networks
  • Effectiveness: Creating more appropriate products and services, whether commercial or not-for-profit
  • Efficiency: Reducing (by sharing) costs and delivery systems and avoiding duplication
  • Innovation: Developing unexpected / new ways of addressing old issues and complex challenges
  • Human resource development: Enhancing professional skills and competencies in the work force (many report this as a major unexpected benefit from working cross-sectorally)
  • Long-term stability and impact: Achieving greater ‘reach’ by being efficient and effective means an expanded sustainable development impact. This is a direct objective of government and civil society, but also critical to the sustainability of business.
  • Reputation and credibility: Achieving genuinely earned organisational reputation and greater credibility.
Partner Program-TechMR